Need a new iron? Check out our handy guide to sole plates

06/08/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care

What is it you look out for when you’re shopping for a new iron?  Is it value, the number of additional features or maybe even colour?

But have you ever considered what kind of soleplate you’re buying?  This can actually have a big affect on the quality of finish you achieve on your garments.

Irons on the market at the moment usually feature soleplates which have one of the following finishes:- non-stick, stainless steel or ceramic (the same stuff they use on hair straighteners).

So which one should you buy?

Aluminium – This is a good option if you’re an occasional ironer and you’re looking for a good value, effective iron which will do the job when you need it to.  Aluminium is an excellent material for retaining and transferring heat, which means that when the soleplate reaches the desired temperature it helps you remove those stubborn creases more easily – and that’s why we use Aluminium on our 40693 Turbosteam irons.

Non- stick –  Irons like this also benefit from an aluminium soleplate but with the added reassurance of a non-stick coating.  This ensures the iron glides easily over your clothes.  You’ll find this finish on our 40629 Turbosteam iron

Stainless Steel – This is a great option if you’ve got a lot of ironing to get through and you want to steam through your pile quickly and easily. Stainless steel is extremely durable and we’ve found that it can help to avoid further creasing whilst ironing.  A number of irons in our new Comfigrip range feature a stainless steel soleplate along with our patented Tri-Zone technology which splits the soleplate into three sections to give you the best results – turbo boost, constant steam and the pressing plate.

Ceramic – If you’re ironing for a large family or often find yourself tackling particularly difficult creases, then you might wish to opt for a ceramic soleplate.  Just like when you’re straightening your hair, ceramic soleplates provide exceptional glide-ability whilst also eliminating static, meaning clothes won’t stick to it.  Our designers have used ceramic on our Jet Steam Elite Steam Generator which is great for breezing through large piles and achieving a great quality of finish.

So next time you go shopping to replace your iron it’s definitely worth thinking about which soleplate is going to best suit your ironing needs.

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