Mummy Musings reviews Vorticity

22/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews

After spotting a Tweet from @B4kersgirl about her vacuum cleaner not being up to tackling her new carpet, we stepped in and sent her brand new Vorticity to trial.

You can read her thoughts below – or click here to read the original post on her blog, Mummy Musings.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen me getting rather excited, just before Christmas, about the impending arrival of my new living room carpet.  No, I’m not a crazy person but we’d not had a living room carpet since we moved house which had been over a year ago and I couldn’t wait!

I picked a lovely thick pile carpet which I absolutely love but knew my old vacuum cleaner wouldn’t stand up to the challenge so asked on Twitter, as you do, for advice.  A lovely man from Morphy Richards saw my plight and contacted me asking if I’d like to be sent a new Vorticity.  Well I was hardly going to say no was I?

What I like about the Vorticity is its ability to be used on any floor surface.  We have laminate, tiles and different pile carpets in our house and the Vorticity works great on them all.  It’s so much easier to run it over the laminate in the hallway than having to go and find the sweeping brush, sweep the dirt into a pile, make sure the dog or child doesn’t walk/play in it while you fetch the dustpan and brush….

It’s not too heavy either.  I swapped the regular head for the mini one to do the stairs and found it quite easy to hold while I vacuumed, much more so than attempting it with my old upright vacuum cleaner.  It also has a handy tool storage facility that’s clipped to the tube; no more rummaging around in drawers to find the tool you need.

Another feature I like is how easy it is to empty.  Simply push one button to release the bin from the rest of the vacuum then another releases the bottom and the dirt is emptied.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the Vorticity.  The husband is just impressed I’m using a vacuum cleaner.

You can find out all the sciencey stuff about the Vorticity here.

Morphy Richards also has a blog and social community at which cover all things home-related.  You can share recipes, meet the people behind the scenes, leave product reviews and get involved in competitions.   It’s the only place you’ll need to visit to get the most out of your Morphy products.

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