Morphy Richards supports Let’s Get Cooking

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We strongly believe in the power of families cooking nutritious meals from scratch, from the wide health and economic benefits, to the feel-good-factor of spending quality time together in the kitchen.

At the heart of what we do is to strive to make this glorious process as simple as possible, without taking away any of the creativity and imagination associated with it. For this reason, we’ve found the perfect partner in Let’s Get Cooking!

So what’s it all about and where do we fit into the recipe?

Let’s Get Cooking is a fantastic lottery funded initiative that has worked with schools and community centres across the UK to set up a national network of  5,000 cooking clubs for children, families and their communities.

The initiative strives to give both children and adults alike the cooking skills and knowledge they need to make healthier meals from scratch.


It’s proved to be a resounding success so far, with more than 2 million people around England having been helped since its launch five years ago. 

It’s great to see these communities seeing a real follow on benefit from the schools too, with more than half eating a healthier diet as a result of their involvement in the clubs and nine in ten club members now using the cooking skills they’ve learned in the clubs when they’re at home.

We’re getting involved by doing what we do best, be providing innovative cooking solutions to help make people’s lives easier in the kitchen. We’ve given all Let’s Get Cooking members access to an exclusive online shop, with special discounts on our cooking products to help them on their culinary journeys.

Here’s what Jo Ross, the south west’s regional manager had to say “We’re really pleased to have Morphy Richards on board with us. Their quality range of products fit perfectly with Let’s Get Cooking, and will help members and their families achieve the best results when cooking.  The added bonus of the offered discount makes it even more affordable for families.”

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