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10/04/2013 | Posted in About Us

You may have noticed that over the past month or so that we have been on TV!  This has been because we have launched two of our smartest new products; the 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner and the Never Loses Suction Lift Away Complete Clean Vacuum Cleaner. 

These two floor care products both have unique specialisms that are designed to make your Spring cleaning a breeze this year.

9-in-1 Steam Cleaner:


The 9 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner from Morphy Richards is a truly versatile product with nine different cleaning uses for all areas of the home; including carpets, work surfaces, windows  and upholstery. 

Creating steam in just 30 seconds, it is the perfect appliance for this year’s spring cleaning. Able to tackle dirt in a whole manner of different situations, the 9-in-1 will leave your surfaces sparkling!

To see the product in action, make sure to check out our advert.

Never Loses Suction Lift Away Complete Clean Vacuum Cleaner:


Morphy Richards’ new improved Lift Away Bagless Upright boasts Never Loses Suction* Cyclone technology for constant pick up performance, making it perfect for the most house proud of people. 

The product is the first vacuum cleaner in the UK to boast a lift away detachable canister combined with Never Loses Suction* technology. The lift away canister detaches from the main body of the unit giving a cleaning radius of up to an impressive 12.5m, making it ideal for vacuuming those hard to reach places such as skirting boards, stairs and other nooks and crannies.

For a closer view on how efficient the product is, don't miss our advert.

Both the 9-in-1 steam cleaner and the Never Loses Suction vacuum cleaners are now available on our website.

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