Morphy Innovators Review – Rosie Scribble, Intellisteam Food Steamer

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We’ve thrown a number of products into the mix for our innovators this month, including steamers, irons, ironing boards and milk frothers. Rosie Scribble has been cooking up some delicious, healthy meals with her new Intellisteam steamer.

With its intelligent timer, it ensures that all your steamed ingredients are  perfectly cooked and that that the whole meal is ready to serve at precisely the same time, too. Don’t take our word for it through, read Rosie’s review below or click here to be transported to the orginal post on her blog.

Why food steamers really aren’t boring at all

Anything that means I have to spend less time cooking is always going to be a winner in our house. So the Intellisteam Food Steamer from Morphy Richards, for me, is perfect. All I have to do is prepare the ingredients, programme the steamer, and walk away.

The steamer takes care of the rest. Its intelligent timer ensures that all steamed ingredients are perfectly cooked and that the whole meal is ready to serve at the same time. It cooks anything from meats to crunchy vegetables, dry noodles and sauces and comes with an instruction booklet that it easy to understand.

It’s straight-forward to use and easy to clean and it saves me an average of half an hour a day. Which all adds up to an extra three and a half hours a week that would otherwise have been spent over a hot stove.

So what would you do with that extra time?

Visitors to my home would be quick to point out that blogging seems to have taken the place of housework to an unacceptably large extent, so it would make sense to use my extra time wisely. I have done exactly that and have careful thought have decided to take up Zumba.

Others might opt for an extreme sport or any number of adrenaline-fuelled activities.

Some might consider the steamer a little boring but just think of the extra time it gives you in your week and where this could lead. And it also cooks healthy food. Double win in my book.

Full product details and lots of sensible information about product features and benefits are available on the Morphy Richards website along with a number of useful recipes.

The 48780 Intellisteam Food Steamer from Morphy Richards costs £99.99. I received it free of charge to review as part of the House Proud Innovators’ Scheme. I won’t part with it for anything or anyone so don’t even ask.

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