Morphy Innovators Review – Rosie Scribble, Comfigrip Iron and Shirtmaster Ironing Board

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As part of  our innovators scheme, we sent mummy blogger Rosie Scribble a Comfigrip iron and top of the range Shirtmaster ironing board to see if we could turn her into an ironing pro. She’s not quite there yet, but you can read her thoughts below (or click here for her original post).

The one where we wear our shirts with pride

On my Future Husband Checklist (don’t laugh) there’s a little box that says: capable of ironing own shirts.

It’s not a deal-breaker and admittedly it isn’t at the very top of my list, but as we are an only-iron-the-bits-you-can-see kind of a household an ironing ability is more of a necessity than anything feminist directive on my part.

But then again.

I’m setting out my stall now as the presence of the new Morphy Richards Shirtmaster ironing board in my house might give any future visitors the impression that I take my ironing incredibly seriously or that I am in fact a professional ironer.

Which would be a gross misrepresentation.

This is a serious ironing board for serious ironers designed to let you iron your shirt in five easy steps due to its extra wide base. It means you can iron the back of a shirt in one go without having to move the garment.

It does the job extremely well and definitely speeds up the whole ironing process. We are now wearing our shirts with pride. But it is also larger than a nearly eight-year-old, so we might have to build a small extension to house it, or at least some sort of storage cupboard.

This is a seriously large ironing board and at RRP £79.99 it isn’t cheap either.

We’re awarding it 8 out of 10. If it was smaller and lighter we’d give it a more generous 10.

Also helping with our new crease-free look is the slightly more compact Comfigrip steam iron.

Compared to my previous iron (on the right!) which would have failed the bare minimum health and safety checks, this one is great and a million times easier to use. The last steam iron I owned spilt water everywhere but this one is easy to fill and doesn’t leak at all.

At RRP £69.99 you would expect it to be excellent, and it is. It removes tough creases quicker than you can say I-haven’t-got-time-to-iron-a-shirt, and it has even got me a little bit excited about ironing.

But keep that to yourself.

We’re awarding it 10 out of 10 although compared to my previous relic it was always going to outshine it.

Disclosure: We received the Shirtmaster and the Comfigrip iron free of charge to review as members of the Morphy Richards Innovators Scheme.

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