Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review, Rosie Scribble, Accents Kettle and Toaster

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Our Accents Kettles and Toasters have been going down swimmingly with our Innovators this month. Rosie Scribble has been trying to keep her beautiful cream toaster under wraps so Grannie doesn’t get too jealous. Check out her review below or click here to read it on her own blog.

Just don’t mention the toaster

Granny is now the proud owner of a brand new kitchen with sparkly white floors and surfaces you could eat your dinner off, she tells me. It’s all very nice and long-awaited except I have put a spanner in the works, because Granny has also put a lot of time and attention into choosing a new kettle to match her new kitchen. After much thought and consideration she has gone for a cream kettle not dissimilar to this:

I’ve admired it, said it’s very nice and then mentioned that I too had a brand new cream Accents dome kettle which was delivered straight to my door without charge from Morphy Richards. Granny smiled sweetly and commented positively but I’m sensing tension. I think she may secretly be cursing the Home of the House Proud Innovator Scheme. Last month I was harping on about my new iron and we’ve already discussed the relative benefits of different brands of vacuum cleaners in a ‘my carpets are cleaner that yours’ type of manner.

So for obvious reasons I have decided not the mention that Morphy Richards also sent me an Accents toaster to match our kettle. It might just push Granny over the edge.

 We love them both (and Granny) and under no circumstances would we part with them. The kettle (RRP £51.06) has a 360 degree cordless base for left handed and right handed use, a rapid boil feature so you don’t have to stand around forever waiting for your cup of coffee, and a removable limescale filter to help keep it clean.

The toaster’s design is very stylish (RRP 51.06). It has a variable browning control so you can get your toast just right, a removable crumb tray to help keep the kitchen clean and a fabulous variable width function which means it accommodates breads of all thicknesses. It even has a defrost function which is perfect as we often buy bread in bulk and freeze it.

I can post all this here now as Granny is currently travelling around the fjords of Norway ahead of her 65th birthday, so for the time being I can enjoy my toast in peace.

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