Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review – Not Supermum, Supervac 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

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Not Supermum was delighted to receive our lightweight, cordless Supervac this month and she’s been putting it through its paces with her two trusty little helpers.

It’s a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner – one one hand it’s a cordless upright cleaner, but it also has a detatchable handheld for getting into tricky, hard to reach areas. It’s so easy to use that her daughters have used it unprompted everyday for 10 days! Who would have thought that a vacuum cleaner could keep your kids quiet?

You can read her review below or click here to go to her original post.

The product isn’t yet available from the Morphy Richards website, but if you’re desperate to get your hands on one, then take a look on Amazon where you can pick one up for £112.79

Review: The Morphy Richards’ cordless Supervac

My role as a Morphy Richards Houseproud Innovator has meant I’ve tried out some really great products, including last month’s brilliant Accents One Cup which I use way more than my kettle now. So I’ve been really impressed by the products so far.

This month’s product is so new it’s not even available to buy yet, but let me tell you that Morphy Richards have created a small miracle with their cordless Supervac.

It’s a handy 2 in 1 product, a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner which is suitable for all floors and a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner ideal for those hard to reach areas such as car interiors and upholstery. The Supervac is cordless, comes with a charging cradle and the collapsible handle makes it nice and compact and therefore easy to store.

Okay, so it’s a vacuum cleaner and I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s so special, right? Well, we’ve had it for about 10 days and my two daughters have used it everyday. Every single day! The fact that they can pick it up off the charging cradle without having to deal with the cables and plugs has meant they use it without being asked. Their bedrooms have never seen so much vacuuming action, and they like it so much (it’s very lightweight and easy to manoevre) they will also use it elsewhere around the house without being prompted. If that’s not a miracle I don’t know what is.

From my point of view it’s very easy to use. I have it plugged in and the charger keeps it topped up, so at any point I can just take it off the cradle and sweep it around the kitchen floor. It’s particularly handy in the hallway where there isn’t a plug socket and means I don’t have to trail cables through the other rooms to reach it, and the detachable hand-held cleaner is great for reaching the awkward places and for cleaning the car.

I can highly recommend the Supervac, and so can my daughters.

The Supervac will be available from November 2011 priced at £119.99.

Disclosure: I was sent the Supervac free of charge for review purposes. The words and opinions are mine, all mine.

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