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This month, we sent Not Supermum one of our Flavour Savour slow cookers as part of our Innovators scheme.

In the blog post below, she reports on cooking up a delicious meal using a slow cooker mix from our parters in crime Schwarz, and shares her thoughts on the product (Go here to read the post on her own blog).

The Morphy Richards Flavour Savour & Schwartz recipe mixes

This month, as part of my role as a Houseproud Innovator I was sent a slow cooker. Not any old slow cooker though – one of Morphy Richards’ fancy new 4.5L Flavour Savour models.

If I’m honest I wasn’t filled with enthusiasm for the slow cooker. Over the last few years I’ve been given two slow cookers and have eventually given them both away without ever using them.

I think the problem I had with slow cookers is that they always seemed like a bit of a faff. You know what I mean, you have to seal the meats in a pan first and then transfer it to the cooker and then mess around with ingredients when you should be having your breakfast.

Then, by coincidence, I was contacted by Schwartz (the herbs and spices people) who have just developed a range of slow cooker recipe mixes. According to Schwartz  45 per cent of homes across the UK have a slow cooker but only 14 per cent of use them, and I can believe that going by my own track record.

So there really was no excuse for me not to have a try was there? Well, apart from the fact that in between receiving the slow cooker and recipe mixes we moved house, I packed everything up, couldn’t find the box with the slow cooker in and then kept putting it off. Well….it’s all seemed so complicated.

Well I’m happy to report that I’ve used the slow cooker and one of the Schwartz mixes and it really was very easy, both of which came with very easy to follow instuctions. Idiot proof even. Even for this idiot.

The Flavour Savour cooker has fast stew and slow cook modes, as well as a sealing function which means you can seal the meat in the actual slow cooker instead of using a separate pan. I browned the sausages, then added the rest of the ingredients including the Sausage and Bean casserole mix, popped the lid on the cooker and went about my day as normal and unlike other slow cookers I could check the food because of the very handy glass lid, so no need to disturb the cooking process by taking the lid off!

I’ll definitely be using the slow cooker again, and I already have plans to use the Schwartz Beef and Tomato casserole mix later this week. There’s also a Slow Cooker recipe book available too. Bon appetit!


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