Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review – Not Supermum, Accents One Cup

13/07/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Product Reviews, Morphy 'Innovators'

Not Supermum has been trying out the Accents One Cup over the past weeks she’s become a real fan of this quirky, efficient kitchen gadget. You can read her thoughts below or click here to read the original post on her blog.

Disclosure: I received this item free of charge for review.


This month in my role as a House Proud Ambassador I’ve been testing out a really innovative kitchen gadget. It’s the Accents One Cup which boils enough water for – guess what? – one cup and does it in just 30 seconds.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, you just fill your chosen mug with cold water, pour it into the Accents One Cup water chamber, pop the mug under the spout and flick the on switch. That’s gives you just enough time, 30 seconds in fact, to put a teabag or coffee into the mug before the boiling water is poured in. How easy is that?
The One Cup is quite compact and sits neatly on my kitchen work surface. It has a 3kW element for fast boiling, and boils between 150-300ml of water. The removable drip tray catches any last drips of water.


It’s such a simple little appliance that there’s not much else to say about it, except that it’s now a permanent fixture in my kitchen and I use it more often than my kettle.

This little appliance could be really useful in many settings (small kitchens, offices, caravans, student accommodation) but I think it would be perfect for older people who are less able to lift kettles and pour with a steady hand. It could be set up beforehand and they could simply turn it on when they were ready for a cuppa.

The Accents One Cup costs £34.99 and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

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