Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review – Not Supermum, Accents kettle and Toaster

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This month, we gave our Innovators the choice of receiving a kettle and toaster from our Accents range in one of a number of distinctive colours. Not Supermum chose a traditional cream coloured set, before indulging in much tea and toast. You can read her thoughts below, or click here to go to her original post.


When my new kitchen was installed a few months ago it went slightly over budget which left me short of funds for some of the final touches such as accessories and electrical items. So, as part of my role as a Houseproud Innovator I was chuffed to be offered a kettle and toaster from the Morphy Richards’ Accents Range.

Not one to shirk my responsibilities I’ve been busy reviewing them which has meant I’ve been drinking lots of tea and scoffing hot buttered toast. Really, there’s no need to thank me.

The Accents Traditional Kettle has retro looks and sleek lines. Its handy features include a 360 degree cordless base for left or right handed use; quiet boil technology; a 3kW element for quick boiling and a removable limescale filter. I’m used to using a jug kettle so the water level measure took a bit of getting used to, but other than that it does what it’s supposed to do while looking very stylish. A bit like myself *cough*

The Accents 4 Slice Toaster is a huge improvement on our old 2-slice one. For a start it has nice wide slots instead of the narrow ones we were used to, which means we can toast our bagels, crumpets and muffins without a problem. There’s a very handy high lift feature which means we can lift the toast out more easily, so if you’re one of those people who toasts things and then tries to dig them out with a knife – stop it! Get a toaster like this instead.  There’s also a defrost button and a reheat button. You know when you make toast, it pops up but then you get distracted and the toast is cold before you get to butter it? Well, this toaster will reheat it without burning it. Genius!

Just to compare the two different sets, here’s our new kettle and toaster and the old ones. Which set do you prefer? Yep, thought so.

The Accents traditional kettle and toaster

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