Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review – Mum in the Madhouse, Flavour Savour slow cooker

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Veteran slow cooker Jen Walshaw from Mum in the Madhouse was given the task of reviewing our Flavour Savour this month. The question on her lips though, was what could our model bring to the kitchen that her existing one couldn’t? Jen was sceptical, but pleasantly suprised.

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Flavor Savour – the best slow cooker in the world ever

Now I do not say the above lightly.  I have had a slow cooker for at least 17 years and use one at least a couple of times a week, so when  Morphy Richards said they were going to send me a Flavour Savor as part of their Innovators scheme I have to admit I thought, oh no, not another slow cooker, but I couldnt have been more wrong.

The Flavor Savor is unique in a couple of ways, firstly it allows you to brown and seal your meat or veg in the pan on the base unit.  This is not only quick, but very effective too.  I have used it to seal sausages, beef and pork and also to brown onions too.  It saves you using a separate pan, but also from even putting the hob on to heat it up.

Another key difference to a standard slow cooker is the fact that the Flavour Savor also has a quick cook function.  So that if like me, who forgot to put the slow cooker on yesterday you can make sure your meal is cooked in less than an hour and a half!

Other points which make this a premium product in my opinion:

  • Glass Lid to make viewing of the food easy
  • The shape, the 4.5 litre Flavor Saver has a round dish and base which means that it takes up much less space than my old slow cooker.
  • The dish can go on the hob or in the oven (perfect if you want to crisp up your dumplings)
  • The handles on the dish are silicone coated, which mean they are cool to touch.
  • The dish which is stainless steel is lighter than my old one, so again easy to carry and looks perfect on the dinning table.
  • It has a keep warm function, so no overcooked mush, it automatically reduces the heat and keeps your food warm.

Top tip. A slow cooker is a perfect place to cook and warm up your Christmas pudding.  You do not have to worry about topping up the water and the pan boiling dry.

The 4.5 litre Flavor Savour usually retails at £89.99, but us currently under £60 on Amazon.

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