Morphy ‘Innovators’ Review – Accents One Cup and Kettle and Toaster, Meemalee’s Kitchen

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Since we launched our ‘House Proud Innovators’ initiative in April of this year, we have been working closely with 15 influential bloggers in both the foodie and mummy communities.

Each month we send a blogger a product from our range and ask them to critique it i.e. tell us what they like, but more importantly, tell us what they don’t like to help us ‘be more innovative’ and help make peoples everyday lives easier. In our latest ‘Innovator’ review, MiMi (who blogs at ‘Meemalee’s Kitchen’) has put the Accents One Cup and Accents Kettle and Toaster through their paces – check out her thoughts below. You can read the original blog post here.

Morphy Richards One Cup Review

So you may remember that Morphy Richards asked me to be one of their Home of the Houseproud reviewers. The way it works is they ask me if I’m interested in the gadget of the month and I say yea or nay depending on caprice.

Most recently, they offered to send me the One Cup. Now, I have the brain of a guttersnipe and clearly spend too much time on the internet, so of course I accepted this offer with glee.

In fact, I was this close to getting my sister-in-law to pose with me and the machine, purely so I could post a photo with an appropriate caption, but then I thought that might be going too far for a family-friendly site.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s a good thing.

In direct contrast to the beast they sent me last time, the Morphy Richards One Cup is relatively petite and rather curvaceous.

Its concept is simple – it heats and dispenses one cup of water for you in about 30 seconds – so a bit like the long-lost Tefal Quick Cup which I nearly bought before I saw the decidedly mixed reviews.

From the colourful Accents range, the One Cup comes in two parts – the machine proper, and a drip tray which for some unearthly reason doesn’t actually slot into the main part. This bugs me.

So you get your mug of water (I don’t have a cup), and you chuck it into the reservoir at the top. If you’re cack-handed like me, you chuck half the water over the machine and then freak out about short-circuits.

Then you put your teabag etc in the same mug, place it on the stupid drip tray and you press the button.

30 seconds later, after a noise like the one they used to make in the Brook Bond Red Mountain ads, a steaming jet of water fills your mug and your hot beverage is ready. And that’s it.

Does it work? Yes, it does.

But to be honest, I can only think of six reasons why you’d want to buy this:

  1. you work in an office where people don’t want to make tea for their colleagues;
  2. you’re the little old lady who lived opposite my parents and who only ate biscuits;
  3. you have weak wrists;
  4. you lack patience;
  5. you’re amused by gimmicks;
  6. you like pretty gadgets.

Because otherwise a kettle is better. A KETTLE IS BETTER.

Sorry Morphy Richards, but it’s true.

Talking of kettles, since then I’ve been sent a gorgeous red toaster and and kettle, also from their Accents range.

I have little to say about them except just staring at them makes me happy – oh and they work exactly as they should, so I recommend them both completely in terms of both form and function.

The Accents Pyramid Kettle and Accents 4 Slice Toaster are currently on special offer on Amazon for £39.99 each, and also come in other desirable hues.

Or the One Cup is £34.99 if you don’t know me and want one for yourself (you can get it in black for the arbitrary price of £29.74).

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