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This month our Morphy Richards ‘House Proud Innovators’ have been testing out our latest product – The Accents One Cup. Here’s the latest review from Pippa at A Mother’s Ramblings. She’s even drilled down into its energy efficient credentials to see how much we could save each time we make a hot drink. See her original post here.

My family are doing really well out of my status as of a Morphy Richards House Proud Innovator. When they come round I can serve them a hot drink or toast or a milkshake and my sister even got an ironing board to further her ironing obsession! This month Morphy Richards sent me the new Accents One Cup which I am very pleased to be able to review and then pass on to my Mum to review too!

The Accents One Cup is pretty to look at, I like curvy designs and it comes in a bright red or a more subtle black (which is the colour I received) and so will fit in with most kitchens and most University students bedrooms (stay with me on this one, there is more about this side in a minute). The idea is really simple, when you boil a kettle for one cup of tea (or coffee, or cup a soup, or pot noodle etc) use this instead. You can put in the right amount of water for your mug and potentially save energy! Look at this video and see what I mean!

See? How fantastic would that be if you were a University student? You could keep it in your room and no more traipsing to the communal kitchen to boil the kettle or even waiting five minutes for the travel kettle your parents gave you to heat up enough to add water to your pot noodle! I’ve used it for making a cup of tea for my sister when she came round in the summer holidays with her family, for boiling some water to put into some flavoured noodles that you do in the microwave, to make some gravy, a cup of hot lemon in the morning and since taking it round to my Mum’s she has been using it everyday to make herself coffee. My Mum likes that it is small and so doesn’t take up a lot of space in her kitchen, and she is rather pleased that it boils so quickly too and she has found that her coffee stays hot for a good length of time too.

Now my maths is okay (I have two GCSE’s in Maths at Grade C you know) and so I worked out that as it uses 46p per hour and that it took 41 seconds to do all it needed it comes to a grand total of 0.5p to boil a cup of water. My kettle filled to the minimal amount uses 46p her hour too and it takes takes 70 seconds to do all it needs to do. That means boiling a kettle costs 0.9p to boil so nearly double the amount, so you can drink twice the amount!

You can buy the One Cup from Morphy Richards for £34.99

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