Meno Milk Frother Review – Fuss Free Flavours (‘House Proud Innovators’ review)

By Chris Bennett | 17/07/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Morphy 'Innovators'

This month, we sent a selection of our ‘House Proud Innovators’ the Meno Milk Frother for them to review. The Milk Frother is perfect at this time of year for creating refreshing milkshakes! Anyway, one of the bloggers to test out the machine was Helen who blogs at ‘Fuss Free Flavours’, check out her review below. To read the original post click here.

Frothtastic? Morphy Richards Meno Milk Frother


As a Morphy Richards Home of the House Proud Innovator I get sent all sorts of exciting products to test, and the latest is the Meno Milk Frother, which does exactly what it says on the tin and makes either hot or cold frothy milk, shakes and hot chocolate.

Would the Meno deliver fantastic froth or just paltry bubbles?

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about the frother, which sounded like a gadget that had been made just because the Morphy boffins could. But I also hold my hand up and admit that I am biased as I am not a fan of hot milky drinks.

I handed it over to Ed to put it thought its paces as he likes a good frothy coffee.

The machine is about the size of a large cafetière, and froths milk in a manner that can only be described fuss free. Simply pour in the milk – there are fill lines etched on the inside of the machine – put the lid on and press either the hot or cold button. The machine froths in a matter of minutes. Hot frothy milk was far better than that from my (non Morphy Richards) espresso machine, with a good firm froth with tiny even sized bubbles.

The machine performs spectacularly well with soy milk. On both the hot and cold settings the milk was turned entirely to froth.

The machine is quiet, looks good, has a small footprint on the work top, and is easy to clean with a rinse and a wipe straight after use. Another good way to clean it would be warm water and a DROP of washing up liquid then set it off, keeping a close eye on it. I found the lid quite stiff to get on and off.

Great if you make lots of milky drinks or want hot frothy milk for coffee. I imagine that it would be fantastic in the winter for hot chocolate and would be especially appealing for making milky drinks for children. If you are not into milky drinks then it just another gadget that is not going to be used.

And as far as the froth goes certainly frothtastic!

Undoubtedly you could get creative in a Hestonesque manner with the Meno Milk Frother, and I am thinking about making a frothy gazpacho, bloody Mary or the like and would love a frother attachment for my handheld blender.

The Meno Milk Frother is available from Morphy Richards for £59.99.


Thank you to Morphy Richards for my frother.

Reviews of the Intellisteam and Accents Kettle and Toaster are coming soon.

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