Men: How to iron

25/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care

Ironing clothes is right up there on the list of chores lots of men seem to avoid at all costs and it’s still safe to say that many guys are happy for Mums or partners to look after the ironing duties. But, with men becoming more and more conscious about how they look, we’ve found more guys stepping up to the ironing board to stay looking smart and sophisticated.

If you’re a metrosexual male and need a bit of extra tuition, here are a few top tips from our ironing experts here at Morphy Richards to improve your ironing experience. You never know, you might want to make it a regular activity!

1. Step one would be prevention. It goes without saying, taking proper care of something usually means it lasts longer, and this applies to your gear. Taking the time to properly iron and store your clothes should prevent you needing to iron things over again.

2. Avoid getting things too hot. Check the garments labeling before you even turn on the iron.

3. If you have more than one thing to iron, which is often the case, sort them first. It’s a lot more efficient to iron the clothes on the cooler setting first. After all, it’s easier and quicker to turn the temperature up rather than waiting for the iron to cool down. Plus, that way you won’t run the risk of scorching something (an iron mark on your shirt is never a good look).

4. Pump that iron! Work the iron for everything it’s got. Use as many features as possible. They’re there to make the job easier for you.

So go on guys get groomed. Get lucky. And don’t think you’re alone in your ironing uptake, ironing has some surprising celebrity followers including boxer Wladimir Klitschko and Olympian Linford Christie! Whether your grooming is to look Bond inspired or rough and ready, women will definitely appreciate a well presented guy.

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