Meet the Morphys: Rebecca Holland

By Chris Bennett | 24/07/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Hey, I’m Becks and I am the new Assistant Category Consumer Manager across the Breakfast Occasions and Work Top Cooking categories at Morphy Richards… so basically working on all things in the kitchen.

My role within the team is to ensure that all our products meet our customers’ expectations in both performance and desirability, so this involves researching consumer insights, having an input on product development and then planning and delivering a marketing plan.

Currently I am getting to grips with all of our products in the range and new up coming product ranges with the help of a great team, I am not much of a culinary expert so I am looking forward to taking lots of Morphy Richards products home to challenge my self (and I will no doubt be expected to provide the boys with their lunch).

I love marketing and my new job is keeping me very busy but once the weekend comes you can’t beat a few cocktails with the girls and a chilled out day with lots of films. I occasionally frequent the gym and dance class, but this tends to results in a gossiping session with one of the girls … so it’s safe to say I don’t often break a sweat!

Once I have settled in I will report back with an update!

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