Meet the Morphys: Julian Adkin

By Julian Adkin | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

I’m Julian, my team and I are responsible for maintaining product quality at Morphy Richards.

I have been with Morphy now for just over two years, joining the home appliance industry from electrical power contracting, where I had roles in procurement and quality control.

My team work hard to ensure only the best quality products reach the consumer. We do this with a factory presence, pre-shipment inspections and extensive life testing within the UK.

My team support a purchasing policy of buying at only established quality suppliers and working with that small group to continuously improve quality.

When not working I have a busy home life with a family that includes a wife, three daughters and a granddaughter.

I maintain a golf handicap in the mid-teens and play social badminton once a week.We have a family obsession for the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team and spend too much time and money following them around the country often ending in tears.

I support both Nottingham football teams, Forest and County getting to see them as often as I can.

I am Nottingham born and bred and still live there, this means that I have a two hour commute every day. The drive enables me to plan the day on the way to work and review the day on the way home… while of course concentrating on the driving!

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