Top 10 lesser known tips for spring cleaning your home


With the clocks going forward this weekend, that extra hour of sunlight each day gives you the perfect excuse to give your home the deep clean you’ve been putting off all winter.

Follow these simple and easy tips to steam through your cleaning so you can put up your feet and enjoy Easter.

  1. Start from the top of the house and work your way down – that way you won’t traipse dirt up the stairs.
  2. Tackle the dusting first. Use a damp cloth to capture dust and start at the top of your room and work your way down to your skirting boards. 
  3. When tackling floors and multiple surfaces around the home, don’t create more work for yourself, simply use the 12-in-1 steam cleaner to ensure a spotless finish.
  4. Give yourself extra storage room, by vacuum-packing your winter clothes and bedding before storing them away. 
  5. Sprinkle baking soda on to a damp cloth and wipe around the edges of your dishwasher to remove stubborn stains, which can be left after excessive use.
  6. Defrost your freezer with your 12-in-1 steam cleaner using the spatula attachment. It’s quick, easy and safe*, meaning you don’t have to leave a freezer door open all night.
  7. Use a damp rubber glove to effectively remove animal hair from furniture.
  8. To get rid of odours in your fridge, spread baking soda on a tray and pop on the bottom shelf to soak up the smells – it’ll be whiff free in no time! 
  9. Cut a lemon in half and rub it along your chopping boards to freshen them up and stop transferring smells or tastes onto other foods.
  10. Use a coffee filter to clean all of the bits of fluff off your TV screen – nifty, eh?

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*Ensure you check with the freezer manufacturer before doing this.

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