Make ironing easier with £75 off the Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite!

19/09/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care, Steam Generator Iron

With the British summertime not really making an appearance this year, many of you Home of the House Proud readers are bound to be jetting off to sunnier climes soon.

And while that’s a fantastic opportunity to relax and catch some much-needed sun, it also means your ironing pile is likely to be even larger than usual.

Even if you’re one of these people who tries to avoid ironing at all costs, the stubborn creases in your clothes once they’ve been crumpled up in a suitcase for two weeks is something that really needs to be dealt with and, here at Morphy Richards, we’ve got a great product to help you out!

Our Power Steam Elite 2400w Pressurised Steam Generator iron will help you tackle your post-holiday ironing pile even quicker than normal. Steam generators are the most advanced breed of irons, designed to constantly steam clothing as you go, making fabrics softer and smoother and getting rid of creases more quickly – a definite pro!

And, if you buy it right now, we’ve got an exclusive offer on the model on our Morphy Members Club, so you can get a whopping £75 off before the end of the month. Just head over to our Facebook page to find out more about joining our great club and obtaining your exclusive code.

The Power Steam Elite boasts an extra-large water tank which helps you iron for even longer than traditional steam irons – you don’t even need to keep refilling it – and it features a ceramic easy glide soleplate, making it really easy for you to get rid of those pesky creases!

You can choose from an impressive three different steam settings – low, medium or high – allowing you to make your ironing even easier.

As well as getting out those stubborn creases, the Power Steam Elite helps to cut your ironing time, so you’ll have plenty of free time to top up your post-holiday tan when you’re finished.

The iron is designed with simplicity and speed in mind, with 95 per cent of Power Steam Elite users finding it “easy to use”, so it’s a great addition to any household.

So what are you waiting for? Why not tackle your post-hols ironing pile with ease, by taking advantage of our exclusive Morphy Members Club offer before August 31st.

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