Mail on Sunday reviews Meno One Cup

20/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Product Reviews

Last week, we were contacted by one of the features editors at the Mail on Sunday about our Meno OneCup hot water dispenser. The paper has been using the product this week and it has been reviewed in today’s Live Magazine supplement and online, you can read the review below:

A watched kettle doesn’t boil…so try this

Back in the 20th century, we imagined that by now, we’d be living such efficient lives that we’d consume our morning cuppa in tablet form – or, at the very least, little R2-D2s would be pouring us cups of perfect Earl Grey from their little metal probosces.

So the Morphy Richards Meno One Cup is rather unassuming.

It doesn’t have a robot voice, nor does it beep, even if provoked. But it does crank out a cuppa in 20 seconds – heating just the right amount of water.

Morphy Richards Heat and Dispense

The tank holds 1.8 litres of water, just like a standard kettle – but you don’t have to boil it again and again, which both you and the planet should be grateful for… A slider varies the volume dispensed from 200ml (small cup) to 330ml (big mug). The time you wait depends on how much you want – turn it up to maximum, and you’ll wait about 45 seconds. If you’ve over-estimated the size of your cup – most of us tend to go by our favourite design, rather than capacity in millilitres – simply hit the stop button and it shuts off…

Normally, boiling enough water for a single cup in a kettle requires brinkmanship; the reward for failure is a mouthful of limescale.

But the Meno One Cup avoids that pitfall, and you can specify your cup size, from a genteel bone-china a air to a World’s Greatest Dad mega-mug.

Rivals such as Tefal’s Quick Cup start faster but dribble out water at around 90 degrees centigrade. The Meno One boils it, which seems sensible to us…

The Meno One Cup is also much loved by the people that have already bought one, Daisycat from Lichfield recently posted a review on the Morphy website:

This product is so good that my kettle has been relegated to the cupboard! It’s great for when you’re only making a couple of drinks. It boils quickly and is economic as you only boil exactly what you need. The adjustable level is great for different size cups and if I want to fill a jug, I just remove the drip tray to fit the jug under, put the water level to the highest setting and just keep pressing until its full. I would definitely recommend this.

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