Mad Hatters Tea Party

24/05/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

It’s nearly the Bank Holiday Weekend, and we hope that you all have plenty of great activities planned! For many of you though, it means that the waiting is over and you will be hosting a Mad Hatters Tea Party courtesy of Morphy Richards, Brita and Come Round!


By now, everyone all of the lucky 200 that will be hosting a party will have received their party pack, full to the brim with fun goodies. This includes a variety of masks, balloons and of course, the all-important components to your perfect cup of tea (and much, much more!) 

Leading tea expert Jane Pettigrew will also be on hand in an exclusive video, showing all the party goers exactly what goes into making the perfect cup of tea. Whether it’s the quality of the water, the amount of time the tea bag is allowed to brew in the pot or even the colour, Jane will be there every step of the way.

After the party is over and the confetti settles, we would absolutely love all party goers to share pictures and videos of their party, for the chance to win a range of stunning prizes. What better incentive is there than that!

If you didn’t manage to get an invite to a party this weekend then don’t worry; next week we will be sharing a gallery on our Facebook page, full to the brim with images from the gatherings. We will also share Jane Pettigew’s wisdom, and reveal to the community just how you make the perfect cup of tea – so, stay tuned!

We hope that everyone has a fantastic time this weekend, and enjoys all the festivities!

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