Keeping your mattress in tip-top condition

06/03/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Here’s a top tip that some people may not know – the best way to clean your mattress is to vacuum it. Using water and traditional cleaning products may seem like a good idea in theory; however it can simply lead to more problems, with mould forming and nasty smells lingering if moisture is retained in the mattress. Avoid falling into that trap, and make sure that vacuuming your mattress is high on your spring cleaning agenda.


It all sounds great in principle, but it can often be tricky to vacuum those hard to reach places, especially when having to drag a large floor unit around with you. With that in mind, the latest range of vacuum cleaners from Morphy Richards have been developed with Never Loses Suction technology to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Morphy Richards Lift Away Bagless Upright is the first vacuum cleaner in the UK to boast a lift away detachable canister, combined with Never Loses Suction technology. The lift away canister detaches from the main body of the unit, making it ideal to vacuum all parts of your mattress with ease.

Watch our design and innovation manager, Glynn Hauser, take you through the key features of the vacuum cleaner in this video.

Never Loses Suction Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners 


The Never Loses Suction family also includes cylinder vacuum cleaners. The Never Loses Suction Compact Bagless Cylinder has a total capacity of 1.6 litres and is light in weight and compact, ideal for those people with smaller homes. It has excellent manoeuvrability, empties in just one touch and comes complete with a dusting brush and crevice tool. 

If you are interested in any of the products featured in this post, then they are all available to purchase on our website.

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