Karin Joyce’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Breadmaker Recipe

By Chris Bennett | 22/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

Our lovely coeliac ambassador Karin Joyce (@CafeBebe) has been at it again, this week, Karin has cooked up a delicious gluten-free chocolate chip bread, check out her blog post and recipe below (you can see the original post here):

Back when I was a wee lassie (What am I? Scottish?) in America, breadmakers became the trendy kitchen accessory. This would have been in the mid-80′s. I remember our breadmaker. It was rather tall but it would churn out lovely bread that would be scarfed down in minutes. It was wonderful!

One of the BEST breads that my Mom (or Dad…can’t remember which) made regularly was Chocolate Chip Bread. It was particularly lovely just out of the breadmaker. You know…when it’s still warm and the chocolate chips are still a bit melty? Mmmmm.

In my ongoing adventures in gluten-free breadmaking (I should have a Saturday morning show with this), I thought I would give Chocolate Chip Bread a whirl. I had nothing to lose after all! What I ended up creating was a very scrummy gluten-free Chocolate Chip Bread which barely survived the night. Result!

I used my standard gluten-free bread recipe with one happy mistake. Instead of using the prescribed 2 eggs, I accidentally used 3 eggs. It actually improved the quality of the bread so I will now make this mistake forever more! In my Morphy Richards breadmaker I have a special insert that allows you to store any additional ingredients which will go in before the final mixing. It automatically feeds them into the mixture at the prescribed time which is very handy. I was concerned that the chocolate chips might melt but they didn’t. If you don’t have a feature like this on your breadmaker simply wait for the “beeps” before the final mixing phase and add your Chocolate Chips.


310g milk

1tsp vinegar

6tbsp oil

3 eggs

450g gluten-free flour

1tsp salt

2tbsp sugar

2tsp yeast

100g chocolate chips


  • Weigh milk into a bowl then beat in the vinegar, oil and eggs. Pour this mixture into your bread pan.
  • Add the flour, salt and sugar to the pan and stir lightly with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Sprinkle the yeast on top of the mixture.
  • Start the machine on the normal bread programme. I recommend using the medium loaf size and a level 2 or 3 on crust darkness.
  • After a few minutes mixing, use a wooden spoon or spatula to scrape down the sides of the pan, incorporating any ingredients.
  • Continue through the normal programme. If your breadmaker doesn’t have an ingredients hopper, pour in the chocolate chips to the mixture before the final mixing phase.
  • When the bread is finished baking, take the pan out of the breadmaker and tip the loaf out onto a wire rack for cooling. Slice and store (or eat!).

The results were really encouraging! The bread was light and fluffy and considerably less crumbly than other loaves that I have made. I believe that the 3rd egg that I used allowed for that! What a happy accident! See how happy I am about it?

My name is Karin Joyce and I am a freelance writer and parent blogger. I am the author of Cafe Bebe, a parenting website where I share my adventures in motherhood, marriage, mealtimes and moi. I am the mother of an energetic and entertaining two year old and the wife of an Englishman who is fully supportive of my coeliac diagnosis. I will be a regular contributor to Morphy Richards ‘Home of the House Proud’ where I will share posts, tips, recipes and reviews.

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