Jo Beaufoix reviews Vorticity vacuum cleaner

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The lovely Jo, who writes at Jo Beaufoix, has been trialing the Vorticity vacuum cleaner over the last week or so and, going by her review below, she’s been having lots of fun. You can read the original post here

Morphy Richards give blogger a new pet

I am cleaning my house with a dinosaur.

No really I am.

It stalks from room to room destroying everything in its path.  It has decimated the dirt on my stairs, gobbled my living room carpet to cleanliness, and slicked the dust from my laminate floored kitchen like a small child’s finger oe’r the top of a French Fancy.

It has also sucked up one of Miss E’s socks, several beads, a paper clip and pretty much a whole head full of hair ( yep, still moulting).

Except it isn’t really a dinosaur.

That would be silly.

But I blame Morphy Richards for that as they have given it a dinosaur-like name…in my head.

NO not Barney.  Tsk!

This is a velociraptor

This is a vorticity vacuum

I prefer the vaccuum.

A few facts:

The Morphy Richards Vorticity Vacuum differs from other vacuums in that it uses air in a completely different way.

No really!

Its defining feature is the floorhead, which uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to draw in ambient air and force it down, dislodging particles of dust, dirt and other undesirables from in between carpet fibres and floorboards.

The bagless cylinder uses cyclonic technology to prevent the filters from clogging, keeping suction at a constant high level. It also uses a HEPA filtration system, which traps 99.7% of dust and other allergens that often escape into the air after cleaning, which is great for allergy sufferers.

Prices start at £199.99 and I think it’s pretty fantastic.  It’s easy to use, looks kind of cool and has made a real difference to my carpets.

In short, it sucks, but in a good way.

P.S.  Click below to see the the Vorticity’s features explained

P.P.S  I was gifted the Velocity by the lovely folks at Morphy Richards.  I declined the velociraptor.

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