Iron out your stresses

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For most people ‘housework’ would be pretty high up on the list of what gets us stressed out and frazzled. The mental list of household chores and admin jobs can often seem endless and leave us feeling like throwing in the towel. But believe it or not, a simple household task like ironing can actually help to relieve tension and stress. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for some top tips from ironing lovers.

Tidying or organising mess and clutter actually makes your mind feel less cluttered and it’s been said that the repetitive action of ironing garment after garment can actually be therapeutic!

We’ve spoken to a selection of ironing ‘lovers’ and asked them for their top tips on how to make ironing a relaxing and even enjoyable experience.

  • Sitting down to iron makes you subconsciously feel like you are taking a break. Keep everything at arms length so you don’t need to run around looking for spare coat hangers  for instance, and if you’ve got a steam generator you won’t even need to refill the tank.
  • Put on a favourite film or DVD boxset. Even if you are concentrating on achieving crisp collars and perfect creases (and not really watching the screen), you’ll feel like you are taking time out. Similarly, why not call an old friend for a catch up and put the phone on speakerphone. By the time you’ve hung up you’ll be surprised how much of your ironing pile (and the latest gossip) you will have got through!
  • Allow yourself a treat for every ten garments. Break up the pile with a cup of tea and choccy biccy and admire your handy-work.
  • For an even more relaxing experience, why not try using some scented reed oils for some added ‘aroma therapy’? Plus, you’ll have a bit of extra luxury when you crawl into your beautifully fresh, crisply ironed sheets.

Have you got any more great housework tips? Let us know and you might even feature in our next blog post.

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