Introducing the Mattino Espresso…

By Chris Bennett | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Coffee Makers

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? If you are then we could have something that fits the bill.

We’re pleased to unveil our latest product, the Morphy Richards Mattino Espresso (espresso/coffee machine). This product has been designed to look super stylish and sleek in your kitchen, what’s more (and more importantly), it makes a superb espresso!

The Mattino Espresso is an intelligent, versatile espresso machine that delivers great tasting coffee with minimum effort required. The built in Smart Press System intuitively tamps your coffee, maintaining 18 bar pressure. It is compatible with both ground coffee and E.S.E. pods and has three temperature settings meaning you can vary the taste and temperature according to your preference.

Dan Reeves, category consumer manager at Morphy talks about the product’s key features in the video below.

Over the course of the next couple of days we’ll be showing you how you can make a range of great hot drinks using the Mattino Espresso, we’ll also be showing you how to impress your friends and family with a couple of  latte art designs.

For more information about the Morphy Richards Mattino Espresso, click here

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