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Read here about why the lovely Pippa of A Mother’s Ramblings loves to flick through cook books. Here she tests out a recipe from Morphy Richards’ Ultimate Slow Cooker Cook Book. Check out the original post here.

A Menu For A Dinner Party I Am Never Going To Have

Reading cooking books is great fun and I do it quite a lot. Recently Daddy suggested that when I was clearing out a lot of books from the book shelf I might consider clearing out some of my cooking books. The evil stare I gave him made him realise I was not parting with them for anybody! When I read cookbooks I come up with Menus for dinner parties I am never going to have and it is a bit of fun to work out what the main course is and to work out how I would make the meal, who I would invite and if it was Come Dine With Me what the sarcastic voice over would say about me.

The lovely people at Morphy Richards saw my post on how much I love my slow cooker(and how I had discovered that you can make Jacket Potatoes in a slow cookera revelation of epic proportions in this house) and so they sent me out The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook. Which was handy as out of all the cook books I own, I don’t have a slow cooker cookbook! I took the book to bed with me and read all the different recipes and was starting to come up with some great plans for a dinner party that I would never host when I saw the Beef with Black Peppers in Black Bean Sauce recipe. I love this dish and that I was going to make it.

Chinese Beef and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce done in my Slower Cooker.

I teamed it with rice noodles (we can’t eat egg noodles seeing as how Daddy is now allergic to egg as well as being a Coeliac) and some home fried Prawn Crackers and it was delicious. So if anyone wants to come round for an imaginary dinner party now you know what your main course is going to be.

I was sent a cookbook by Morphy Richards, I didn’t ask for it and they hoped I would like it. I did.

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