I believe I can fry

20/02/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

This week we are celebrating National Chip Week – a great excuse to indulge in the best kind of home made cooking! Whether you like them curly, twice cooked or simply straight cut, chips are a food icon of British culture that few of us would be without. The days of having to go to the chippy for delicious chips are over though, as we’ve brought the chip shop to your kitchen.



The Morphy Richards Professional Fryer is the perfect gadget  to create delicious chips in your own home. An easy-to-use appliance with variable temperature settings, it can transform boring potatoes into crispy chips in a matter of minutes. 

If you want to make the perfect chip, have a go at our easy-to-follow method.



Ingredients (to serve 4):

12 large potatoes
Vegetable oil
A pinch of salt


1. Peel your spuds, then cut them into nice, thick chip shapes.
2. Place in a pan with cold, salted water and then bring to the boil. Once they have started to boil, leave for 4 minutes then drain the chips. Let them dry out.
3. Turn on the Morphy Richards Professional Fryer to 120 degrees. Once the fat has reached the temperature, place your chips in and cook for 10 minutes.
4. After the 10 minutes are up, take out your chips, put them into bags and put them in the freezer.
5. Once frozen, turn up the Professional Fryer to 190 degrees. Put your chips in and cook until they reach a golden colour and float to the top. Serve, and enjoy!

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