How’s it hanging?

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We know that for lots of you ironing is one of those necessary evils that just has to be done to keep you and your family looking smart and well turned out. It’s amazing though how many people spend their precious time steaming through their pile, only to find that their smartly pressed garments become scruffy and creased again, simply because they haven’t been put away properly.

It’s all in the hanging and folding. Some garments can be stored in drawers for weeks, where others will become creased again in minutes if folded up. Check out our handy guide on how to store your clothes and keep them perfectly crease free!

  • T-shirts and knitwear should be folded rather than hung up. Avoid squashing too many garments into the drawer though or the bottom of the pile will need another iron
  • Always hang shirts up. We all know how much effort goes into ironing a shirt so it’s good to know that it will remain crease free until you next get a chance to wear it. Avoid using those free hangers you get from the shops and splash out on some thick wooden hangers as these won’t distort the shape of your shirts
  • We’d bet that only the keenest of ironers would press their jeans, so these are fine to be folded up and put in a drawer
  • Most other trousers however will need to be hung up. Make sure to use proper clamp-style trouser hangers and hang the trousers upside down from the bottom. If you don’t have any of these knocking around, use a normal hanger, but wrap a bit of card or a tea towel around the hard edge before folding the trousers carefully in half over it so you don’t end up with a big crease mark
  • Suits are probably the hardest garments to hang well. Quite often suits can be hung up in the wardrobe for months before you get a chance to wear them again and you don’t want it to be creased and distorted for next time. You can either hang the trousers and jacket together or separately. Follow our trouser tips above and make sure the jacket hanger has good support at the shoulders. Also, try not to hang suits in plastic bags for too long as they can start to smell
  • Did you know, the type of iron you have can actually affect whether your lovingly pressed garments become re-ceased again?  Our dedicated team of designers have developed our Comfigrip range of irons with this in mind. Their unique TriZone soleplate technology effortlessly powers through creases and removes excess moisture which means your clothes are less likely to become creased again once you’ve hung or folded them.

Have you got any more golden garment care tips? Let us know! Or if you’re proud of your ironing skills why not try your hand at becoming a World Ironing Champion? Check out how to enter on our official World Ironing Championships page.

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