How to make the perfect cup of tea…

By Chris Bennett | 22/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

At Morphy Richards, we put all our expertise and knowledge into designing stylish, functional kettles that look fabulous in your kitchen. So it’s down to you to brew the perfect cuppa, but do you know what how to make the perfect cup of tea? We love drinking tea here at Morphy HQ, so here is some advice from us on how to perfect Britain’s favourite drink.


Tips for making the perfect cup of tea…


  1. Always use fresh cold water – water that has already been boiled has lost its dissolved oxygen content, which is crucial in the brewing process.
  2. Pour the boiling water over the tea bag/tea leaves immediately – Water that has been allowed to cool or has been kept on the boil will not be as effective to release the chemicals that are in the tea leaves and will make your tea taste flat.
  3. Warm your tea pot with hot water, which you should then pour away before adding the tea and boiling water.
  4. When brewing tea in a pot, stir and then leave for three minutes – this allows for the release of the polypheonlic compounds which give its rich colour and taste. Longer infusion period will unlock high molecular weight chemicals which cause a bitter taste.
  5. Decreasing the time you leave the tea to brew, does not reduce the caffeine content – all caffeine is released within the first minute.
  6. Put your milk in the cup first – This allows for the milk to cool the water, not the other way round which causes the milk proteins to degenerate and taste stale.
  7. Milk and Sugar can be added to reduce the bitter taste of tea, as the drinker’s preference.
  8. The perfect cup of tea should be rich in colour and be around 65 degrees centigrade.
  9. Always enjoy your cup of tea, with your favourite selection of biscuits/cakes

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