How do you drink yours?

By Chris Bennett | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

There are many, many different ways of drinking coffee, but three of the most popular varieties have got to be the Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte. Below is a description of how to make a perfect version of each of these drinks using our brand new, super stylish Mattino Espresso machine – the descriptions below are also brought to life by Jon and Ross from Leeds-based juice bar, Out of the Woods.


Espresso contains no milk, but is the base to many other different coffee drinks. A delicious Espresso requires good quality, fresh beans for its intense taste. It uses 25- 30ml of rich coffee and it should appear to have a consistent hazelnut crema.

TIP: Keep the coffee in an air tight container in the fridge – this helps to keep it fresh and maintain its flavour m


To create the perfect Latte, your milk has to be just right. First of all, make an Espresso as this will act as the base for your coffee.

  • Pour fresh, cold milk into a jug (between one-third to half full)
  • Position the steam wand tip under the surface of the milk and turn on the steam to full power
  • Lower the steam wand deeper into the jug (ensuring that it doesn’t touch the bottom) and then tilt the jug to a 40° angle
  • Turn off the steam when the milk gets too hot to touch through the jug
  • Tap the jug base on a work surface to burst any large surface bubbles
  • Gently swirl the jug and pour the milk into the Espresso lifting the milk jug slightly and allowing a little foam to fall into the cup. Then continue to pour the warm milk into the Espresso


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