Household ironing habits poll – Who takes care of the ironing in your household?

17/07/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care

Last week some more research was released which proved that women still do the lion’s share of the housework.

It might seem like stating the obvious – but we hear from lots of men who are fans of ironing and who take full responsibility for the ironing duties in the household. Take our friend Linford Christie – he takes ironing so seriously that he won’t let anyone else in the house touch the ironing pile! Ben Walton has also made ironing his lifelong profession and has even earned himself a world record along the way.

To set the record straight we decided to call on our Facebook friends to vote in our own poll to get an insight into your household’s ironing habits.

Here are the official results.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, girls did come out on top with 56 per cent admitting to being the official ironers of the household and guys lagged behind with a measly 5 per cent. The good news is nearly 20 per cent of you say you split up the ironing pile and do an equal share, with a few people doing their own ironing, a few more leaving ironing out of the chores list altogether and one person paying someone else to iron for them.

Lots of you left interesting feedback on the poll too. Here’s just a few. Do you agree?

Although I do the ironing for both of us it’s not a lot, mostly OH’s shirts!

I do all the ironing in our household, but to be fair to my husband, he doesn’t generate any ironing (except for the odd shirt if we’re going to a ‘do’ or something) so it’s not as uneven a distribution of labour as it might first appear!

I iron my things, my kids’ things, and the sheets. My husband irons his own shirts. I enjoy ironing though and I especially enjoy having and wearing ironed clothes.

I’m not surprised women are winning, but my friend has her man well trained and he does all the ironing!!

We don’t bother with ironing! hang it in the wardrobe the creases soon drop out lol!

My husband does the ironing in our house because if Id o it the clothes end up ina worse state than when I started! ;-D

Despite the results of our mini poll, we can’t go writing guys off just yet. If the man of your house needs a few pointers on how to iron – why not point him in the direction of our experts’ top tips for guys! With men becoming more and more conscious about how they look, we think we’ll see more and more guys stepping up to the ironing board to stay looking smart and sophisticated.

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