House-Proud Dads are the Happiest

20/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care

At Morphy Richards, we’re fascinated by the continuing debate over work-life balance and the shifting roles of men and women in the household. It’s a topic that’s incredibly important to our customers and one which lies at the heart of our thinking.

The latest instalment in this discussion is a study that claims Fathers are happiest when they share domestic chores, spend more time with their children and have partners that spend as much time at work as they do. So ladies, forget making your man dinner, doing the shopping and bathing the kids every night. Getting your partner involved will cheer him up!

The study, called ‘Work Life Balance: Working for Fathers?’ was carried out by Lancaster University Management School and commissioned by the charity Working Families. Over the two year project, researchers spoke to 1,100 working fathers about how they combine their working and family lives, hoping the findings would make employers re-evaluate outdated gender stereotypes in the workplace.

You can read the Guardian’s analysis here, but we’ve summarised some of the findings below:

  • The majority of fathers (82%) want more “family time”, with many wishing to take more of a leading role in taking care of their children
  • Attitudes towards childcare are changing. Fewer fathers than mothers believe that it’s a woman’s job to look after the children
  • Despite this shift, employers’ attitudes remain unchanged, with many still believing that a woman’s dedication to work automatically suffers once children are brought into the equation
  • Men are suffering too, with those that find themselves as a child’s main carer not being offered the same work-life balancing choices that working women are given
  • Many men are suffering from extreme stress, but fathers who do more housework are less stressed and those who’s partner works full time are generally more fulfilled
  • Despite couples sharing more of the household chores, women still spend more time on domestic and childcare activities, as many fathers have less time due to their work commitments

We’d love to hear what you think. Do these findings match your experiences with work-life balance and sharing the housework and childcare loads? Does your man seem happier when he’s running around after the kids or is he happier with a bottle of beer and Match of the Day? Does your boss understand your need to balance a career with parenthood? Why not leave us a comment in the box below…

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