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By Chris Bennett | 25/06/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

To celebrate the launch of our Soup Maker, we’re working closely with Delia Online and Christian Aid to support ‘Super Soup Lunch’, which takes place across the country on Friday 25th March 2011. Our latest blog post ahead of this exciting event is all about selecting a location for your ‘Super Soup Lunch’. You may already have an idea about where you’re going to hold it, but if not, here are some suggestions about how you can get involved and support this great cause:

  • Get your work colleagues to make a voluntary donation to enter their soup in a tasting competition at work. Soups could be themed e.g. colours of the rainbow or they have to include certain ingredients.


  • Fancy a warming bowlful at home? Ask family and friends to make a voluntary donation to enter your own ‘Super Soup Lunch’ competition. You could blind-taste everyone’s soups and decide which is the best one – the soup-maker with the least points does the washing up!


  • Get your class at school involved? Why not add a global dimension to learning about food? Explore ingredients from around the world, with global recipes, and help your students understand what’s so important about the ‘Super Soup Lunch’.


  • Invite your local community for lunch. Why not set up a soup café at church or your village hall and ask for a voluntary donation for a delicious bowlful?


  • Or perhaps you could get your local café, pub or even restaurant to make their ‘soup of the day’ a ‘Super Soup Lunch’; the profits could then go to Christian Aid.

If you’re interested in hosting a ‘Super Soup Lunch’ on Friday 25th March you can apply for a free fund-raising pack from Christian Aid (here), which includes all of the information that you’ll need.

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