Hard water and ironing

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Hard water is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United Kingdom; BBC News in particular has recently picked up on the varying levels of water quality across the country, illustrating a real problem. We’ll talk later in the week about how this can affect making your perfect cup of tea, but did you ever think that it could affect your ironing? Being prepared and always staying one step ahead is the way to deal with this natural problem, and to avoid any unnecessary problems further down the live.

‘Hard’ water refers to water that is very high in mineral content; although it’s not dangerous to your health, it’s generally accepted that ‘hard’ water doesn’t taste as nice as ‘soft’ water. The worst affected regions in England tend to be areas around London and Kent, however this isn’t exclusive and ‘hard’ water areas can be found up and down the country.

It is, however, a pain for your appliances, as ‘hard’ water has been directly linked to outbreaks of limescale. A limescale build up within your steam generator iron can be detrimental not only to the quality of your product, but also the quality of your ironing – creases will creep back into your household after a much welcomed absence! This is a purely natural outcome; however there are stays that can be taken to avoid this issue.

Depending on the model of steam generator iron that you have in your household, you can purchase additional anti-scale accessories to control any potential build ups. It’s recommended that you should change your cartridge/bag every two to three months to ensure the crispest iron every time, especially if you live in a ‘hard’ water area.

For models such as the Jet Stream 2200W Steam Generator, we have a range of anti-scale bags that fit directly into the iron and help battle against limescale. For other steam generator irons, our anti-scale cartridges will do the same job. Always make sure to check your instruction manual to find information on which your steam generator iron takes.

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