Guest Blog Post – Allergy fast facts from Lindsey McManus of Allergy UK

16/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care

In our second blog post exploring allergy management around the home, our guest contributor Lindsey McManus gives us some top facts and tips. Lindsey works for our parter, Allergy UK, who are the leading medical charity for people with Allergy, Food Intolerance and Chemical Sensitivity. In other words, she knows what she’s talking about!

  • Allergens such as house dust mite and pollens can settle on hard surfaces as well as in carpets and soft furnishings, giving them a quick wipe over with a damp duster daily helps prevent allergens becoming airborne again.
  • The house dust mite loves a warm moist environment to live in – don’t worry about making your bed in the morning, save time and just throw back the quilt or covers and let the bed air.
  • Ventilation is really important in fighting the war against indoor allergens; try to keep bedroom and bathroom windows open slightly to prevent mould developing around the bath and windows.
  • Turn the temperature down a few degrees and the bedroom will be less of a haven for the housedust mite.
  • Pollens can stay active for up to three months in your carpets, vacuum regularly with a vacuum with a HEPA filter to help keep your hayfever under control.
  • Pet allergens, particularly those from cats, can be very difficult to remove – make sure your family pets are only allowed in restricted areas to keep down the allergens in bedrooms and even your living room if possible.
  • If your child can’t bear to be parted from a favourite soft toy to allow you to wash it, or if it can’t be washed at over 60 degrees, pop it in the freezer over night to kill off the house dust mites and then wash at the temperature recommended to remove any remaining droppings.

We work closely with Allergy UK to make sure our floor care products are as efficient as possible at helping you keep allergens at bay. Our Vorticity vaccuum cleaner contains a HEPA filter that traps and retains the dust allergens that make your life difficult, rather than releasing them back into the atmosphere. To find out more, check out the product’s dedicated website, or if you’re thinking about buying one online, click here to go to the Morphy Richards website.

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