Grilling: Reduce fat all year round

25/01/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

Don’t be fooled; grilling your food shouldn’t just be confined to the annual barbecue in the summer sun (well, under a hastily erected gazebo as the rain starts to pour is a more likely scenario for Britain!) Grilling food, in particular your meat and vegetables, is a healthier alternative to frying yet still every bit as tasty.

Grilling is the perfect way to inspire and drive any low fat diet; as the food cooks, the fat drips right off meaning that you are in more control of the level of fat you are taking in with every meal. At the same time, grilling helps to retain moisture and seals all of the succulent juices and flavours inside. Healthier, tastier meals – it sounds too good to be true, right? We can assure you it isn’t!

Grilling not only removes unhealthy fats, it also helps to preserve healthy vitamins and minerals that are normally lost when frying. You may not notice when they’re not there, but increasing the number of them as part of your diet will really complement any health kick.

If this all sounds like a good idea to you, then investing in a grill to make the process as painless as possible could be a good move.

Morphy Richards Intelligrill:



The Mophy Richards Intelligrill is an innovative kitchen grill that allows you to conveniently grill a variety of healthier, exciting meals. It has a number of unique features that help to make the experience as simple as possible and ensures that every meal you prepare is grilled to perfection.

For instance, the grill has a temperature probe and digital display that combine so that you can accurately monitor food temperature, and ensure your meat is cooked to your exact preferences. It can also cater for the whole family, as the floating hinge means that you can accommodate for all sizes of meal up to four people.

To watch a video of our design and innovation manager Glyn take you through some of the key features of the Morphy Richards Intelligrill, then click here. Or if you’re interested in buying one, head to the website, then please take a look at the product on our website.

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