Get into slow cooking for nutritious, great value family meals

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The evenings are getting darker and it’s clear that winter is well on its way now, which means people will be looking for hearty – yet healthy – meals to tide them over in the colder months.

A fantastic way to whip up a tasty, great value, meal for all the family to enjoy is to slow cook and we’ve developed a range of solutions to help you do this. If you’re new to slow cooking, it’s useful to know a bit more about the benefits of the process so you can decide for yourself whether to give it a try.

So why use a slow cooker?

Great-value family meals

Slow cooking allows you to cook delicious, hearty meals with cheaper cuts of meat like shoulder of pork and leg of lamb, that are often more tasty than premium cuts. These muscled meats require a longer cooking time to make them soft and tender, and slow cooking is the perfect process to get the most out of them.

A great way to find out about how best to use cheaper cuts of meat is to have a chat with your local butcher.

Time saving

If you’re a busy person who’s always on the go, it’s great because after you prep, can pop your food in the slow cooker and get on with whatever it is you need to do.

Energy efficient

Slow cooking, as the name suggests, takes place over a long period of time on low heat, using significantly less electricity and saving you your hard earned cash.

Easy, nutrititious meals

Slow cooking is a great route into eating more healthily. Fresh meat and vegetables, cooked low and slow, retain their nutrition-rich, natural juices much better than other cooking methods.

Great for veggies

Vegetarian meals are easy to whip up too and a slow cooker makes root veg, lentils and other pulses even more flavoursome and scrumptious.


As well as making savoury dishes, you can make some amazing desserts in the slow cooker, such as rice pudding and chocolate sponge pudding, meaning you can cook up something for every occasion.

It’s not just for winter

Cooking hearty winter meals isn’t the only thing you can do in a slow cooker. The beauty of slow cooking is that it’s perfect for everything from curries to soups and even BBQ accompaniments – you can make tasty meals whatever the time of year.

The Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

To help you save even more time when you’re slow cooking, we’ve designed the stylish and practical Sear and Stew Slow Cooker



This nifty kitchen appliance allows you to sear the meat in the same pan as you cook it in, meaning you can seal in all the delicious juices, making it all even more flavoursome. As well as making your food taste even better, the Sear and Stew pot is non-stick coated aluminium, which makes it easy to clean and more durable.

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