Full steam ahead! What is a steam generator?

22/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Steam Generator Iron

For lots of us, ironing is one of those chores that we try to avoid as much as possible. So often we push the thought of an overflowing ironing basket to the back of our minds and pull out essential items for a last minute ironing session.

People are always on the lookout for ways to cut down on the amount of time spent on the most tedious chores like ironing and that’s why we’ve found that steam generators have been growing massively in popularity year on year. So often we keep hearing “Once you try a stream generator, you’ll never go back!” and that’s because steam generators can cut ironing time in half and make steaming through your ironing pile a breeze! If you usually set up your ironing board for a 2 hour stint on a Sunday afternoon, with a steam generator you could be packing away and hanging up your pristinely pressed garments within an hour. That could be a time saving of nearly two whole days over the course of a year!

But what exactly is a steam generator?

A steam generator looks a lot like a traditional steam iron but with a noticeable difference – it sits on top of a large water tank which can stay on your ironing board or sit on your worksurface depending on your own preference or where in the house you do your ironing.

Steam generators, as the name suggests, produce huge amounts of steam which relaxes fabric and makes tackling creases much easier. There will be no need to iron both sides of a garment with a steam generator.

Also, because the water is stored in a large tank, you won’t have to keep filling it up and that means that the iron itself is much lighter than regular steam irons.

Our innovative designers at Morphy Richards have been working on the next generation of steam generators – Intellidome. Lovingly nicknamed ‘The Starship Enterprise’ at Morphy HQ due to its futuristic design, Intellidome can power through creases with its powerful steam output, its intuitive LCD screen lets you know how to take care of your iron at all times and it can even be used vertically to steam garments and curtains.

If you want to know more about steam generators, one of our in house experts has kindly demonstrated all Intellidome’s design features in this video. Take a look.

If you’d to like to put Intellidome to the test yourself, we are offering Home of the House proud readers a £60 discount until the end of March! Just type in HOTHP3660 at the check when you buy your Intellidome from our Morphy Richards online store.

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