Food safety and barbecues

15/06/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

Father's Day may be fast approaching, however this week also has an important significance as it is Food Safety Week. Many people will be determined to celebrate the occasion with a barbecue for their dad (depending on the weather forecasts, of course!) however it is important to be careful with your food. 

We have pulled together a few of our top tips on how to enjoy your barbecue whilst also preparing your food safely, to ensure that you have the perfect weekend.


1. Use separate tongs for cooked and frozen meat:

Make sure to either use two sets of tongs, or regularly clean them. Mixing uncooked and cooked meat is a big no-no, so take any steps possible to avoid. 

2. Make sure any frozen food is fully thawed:

If any of your food is still thawed, or partially thawed then this will take much longer to cook. It may not seem like too much of an issue, but this could cause the meat to cook on just the outside, leaving the inside full of harmful bacteria.

3. Ensure all coals are white hot before adding food:

You should always monitor the coals on the barbecue to make sure it is hot enough - the sign for this is whether they are white or not. If they are white, then that means the pit is hot enough to thoroughly cook all your meat all the way through. Anything less than that and you should remain patient and wait for the coals to turn white.

4. Always turn the meat regularly:

Sounds like an obvious one, but it's very easy to get distracted in the sunshine with your friends and family. Make sure to monitor the barbecue and turn all your sausages, burgers, kebabs and meats regularly. You can then be confident of a thorough cook.

5. Make sure there is no pink meat visible:

When it comes to meat on a barbecue, pink = a big no-no. Always check your meat to see if there's any pink bits, and continue to cook if there is. If necessary, cut into your meat to check the centre as this is where the pink parts are most likely to be.

6. Clean your hands regularly:

A simple food safety rule, but also a very important one. If you are handling meat, along with different kinds of food and utensils, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands every time you touch some. That way, any potential bacteria and germs will not be spread, and the barbecue will be an overall success.

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Happy Father's Day!

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