Delia Online Super Soup Lunch Winners Announced

By Chris Bennett | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

For the second year running, Morphy Richards teamed up with Delia Online to support Christian Aid’s Super Soup Lunch.

On Friday March 30th, all around the country, Super Soup Lunch events were hosted on behalf of Christian Aid with the aim of tackling world hunger by raising vital funds.

The event wasn’t just about eating soup, it was also about getting everyone together to be part of a far bigger movement to help tackle poverty and injustice around the world.

Delia Online (with the support of Morphy) ran a competition to find the best original soup recipe with five winners walking away with a very stylish Accents Red Slow Cooker with a matching Hand Blender Set.

A big congratulations goes to Rachel Marr, Melanie Booth, Sarah Burke, Jan McLeod and Michele Platman, who all got their hands on these fantastic Morphy Richards home appliances.

The winners’ soup recipes will all be appearing on ‘Home of the House Proud’ very soon, keep your eyes peeled for them!

In the meantime, why not get your hands on our Accents Red Hand Blender Set to make your own fantastic soup recipes? It features eight different speeds and even has a mini chopper and balloon whisk, so it’s extremely versatile.

Morphy Richards Hand Blender Set

Once you’ve whizzed up your soup with your chic blender, you can heat it in the Accents Red Slow Cooker. It’s perfect for cooking soups, however long you’ve got on your hands, thanks to its three heat settings. The best thing is, it features a removable ceramic pot for easy cleaning, so you’ve got no excuse not to use it all the time!

Morphy Richards Accents Slow Cooker Red

Happy soup making!

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