Colour in the kitchen this summer

25/06/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

Colour can do amazing things to a kitchen, and what better time to add a much needed splash than now. The days are longer, hot weather is on the horizon and a fresh looking kitchen! Whether you want a bright flash of colour or some more subtle undertones, we have a wide palette of colours in our Colour Boutique range that would suit any taste.



Our ‘vibrant’ set of kettles and toasters are the perfect addition to any summer lovers home. Coming in a variety of eye catching colours, from bright yellow and deep orange to cyan and oasis green, they are sure to be a great feature of any kitchen.


If your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, then the sparkle range might be for you. With both kettles and toasters coming in red, plum, blue and copper, these are all finished with attention grabbing sparkle finish to make sure that it grabs people’s attention when it hits the sunlight.


Finally, if you have a modern looking kitchen and fancy a more subtle finish, then our classic range could be well suited. Available in attractive yet simple colours, such as black, white, cream and polished silver, they would make a great addition to any home.

We are also delighted to say that a new colour will be inducted into our Colour Boutique range in the coming weeks; make sure to like our Facebook page to be the first person to know.

What colour do you think it could be?

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