Christmas cleaning tips

21/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care

Christmas is approaching, signalling a revolving door of friends, relatives, their children, and potentially lots of mess.  Everyone wants their home to look its best at this special time of year, but in between all the shopping, eating and celebrating, it’s often difficult to find any time to devote to the all important task of domestic beautification.

Our cleaning experts had a long chat over a mulled wine last night, and they’ve devised a list of top tips to make things that little bit easier to manage.

Clear some space

Less is more in the Christmas home, so before each room becomes stuffed with presents and decorations, why not clear away some of the clutter that is usually on display. You’ll need all the extra space you can get to accommodate your guests, and if people are staying the night, make sure you de-clutter the guest rooms too!

Implement a day by schedule

Cleaning the house in one sitting is too much to handle for all but the most accomplished of domestic goddesses. Why not tackle the big clean up a day at a time, a task at a time? Day one could be devoted to de-cluttering, day two to dusting down surfaces and decorations, day three to vacuuming from top to bottom and so on. Even the kids can help. Remember, delivering a magical Christmas is a team effort!

Make your house smell like Santa’s Grotto

The mixture of food, alcohol and sweaty bodies can make your house smell stale. It’s worth investing in some festive fragrances to give the whole house a lift.

Tackling red wine spills

Burgundy stains are an ever-present burden on the festive home. White wine neutralises the colour and makes it easier for you to lift it off the carpet, so make sure you have a cheap bottle of Chardonnay on hand at all times.

Persisting with pine needles

If you’re lucky enough to have a real Christmas tree, getting pine needles out of the carpet can be a real chore. Rather than leaving them to pile up, try to address the area every few days. We’ve heard a number of painstaking solutions, including handpicking needles out of the carpet, or applying duct tape to the area, but using a good quality vacuum cleaner is the most efficient solution. With 22-mini cyclones built into the floorhead, the Morphy Richards Vorticity directs air into the carpet fibres, dislodging embedded pine needles before sucking them up

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Dealing with dirty footwear

After all that work you’ve put in to buffing your kitchen floor and vacuuming that beautiful cream carpet, the last thing you want to happen is to discover dirty footprints. If you’ve got lots of people coming and going, it’s often useful to put a clearly marked blackbag at the door to deposit soggy wellies, trainers and shoes.

If you’ve got any festive cleaning tips of your own, we’d love to add them to the list. Drop us a note in the comments box below!

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