Chicken Curry – £4 Slow Cooker Challenge Recipe

By Chris Bennett | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

Our latest ‘£4 Slow Cooker Challenge’ recipe has been submitted by Angela who is responsible for the ‘My Frugal Journey’ blog. Angela’s recipe is for a delicious Chicken Curry, you can see her recipe below:

I am trying to use my slow cooker more on busy days, and when I saw the Morphy Richards £4 slow cooker challenge, I knew just the recipe to try.

We love curry in our house, and I have been playing around with curry in the slow cooker for a while. This version usually fills us all up and comes out tasting lovely.

Chicken Curry


4x chicken thigh fillets (£2)

1kg potatoes chopped really small (50p) based on 2.5kg at 99p in the basics range

1x tin chopped tomatoes (33p)

5x mushrooms (20p) based on 4p each

1tsp curry powder / 1tsp cumin / 1tsp coriander (from store cupboard)

Rice to serve (30p) based on basics range at 60p for 1kg white rice

Total cost = £3.33

One tip I can give you is to chop the potatoes up really small as they take a long time to cook. I usually find this curry is perfect on high for about 5 hours or low for 8 hours. You just have to cook the rice before you’re ready to serve.

Overall taste is lovely. I would probably add some green beans or other vegetable to taste for overall appearance.

If you regularly use a slow cooker or think slow cooking sounds right up your street, we’ve got a tasty treat for you with our ‘£4 Slow Cooker Challenge’. You could win £200 worth of Morphy Richards items in our monthly draw. To find out more information about the challenge, click here.

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