Can Ben break a World Ironing Record again?

16/07/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care

It’s a very exciting week here at Morphy HQ as we are about to celebrate our 75th Anniversary!  We couldn’t let this important occasion pass without a celebration and we have decided to do something a little different to mark our diamond birthday.

Ironing endurance record holder Ben Walton is going to help us celebrate by attempting to smash his current world record and complete an astonishing 75 hour ironing marathon. Afterall, Morphy Richards did all start with the manufacture and production of irons.

Ben’s mammoth record attempt all starts first thing on Wednesday morning at ASDA in Andover. Ben cannot run out of items to iron so he is calling on the people of Andover and beyond to bring their crumpled clothes and bedding along to be ironed.

Ben is also raising money for The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire and is appealing for people to donate £1 for each item he irons.

Ironing enthusiast Ben has also ironed at the top of Ben Nevis, the top of The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and he was one of our official experts in our World Ironing Championships.

In order to steam through over a thousand items painlessly and easily, Ben will be using the Morphy Richards Comfigrip which is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for any user. Ben will also be using the Morphy Richards Shirtmaster a revolutionary and unique shaped ironing board which allows you to iron shirts in five quick and simple steps and larger items such as sheets and t-shirts with ease.

Ben needs to keep ironing until around 11am on Saturday 9th July in order to reach the golden 75 hour mark – but he will have officially broken the record at about 8pm on Friday night.

To donate to Ben’s World Record fund visit

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  1. Debby says:

    28/03/2013 at 2:22 am

    Love it!I love the latte card and GC ideas...hey I think a very nice cup of coffee and some coeoiks is a great gift!!I have technically 8 teachers to appreciate. So I ordered some custom fortune cookie that say 'You are much appreciated' (and hey if I have leftovers, these keep a long time and will make other great thank you gifts). I'm going to let the kids help me dip them in chocolate and sprinkles and put them in chinese take out boxes that say I am very fortunate to have you as a teacher! printable from from eighteen25. :)

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