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We’ve teamed up with top writer Danielle Raine, author of Housework Blues: A Survival Guide, and we’ve got six exclusive copies of her new book ‘Make Peace with Housework’ to give away to lucky Home of the Houseproud readers.

But before we get into that, here’s a little bit about Danielle and the book…

Despite her subject matter, Danielle is not a natural domestic.  A stay-at-home mother of two boys who has recently overcome a 15-year struggle with housework blues, she’s on a singular mission to help domestically challenged women everywhere manage their homes with a clear, calm head and a positive state of mind.

To quite a passage from her website:

Danielle Raine was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. After working as home-based graphic designer and copywriter for 11 years, she developed a severe case of the Housework Blues. This prompted her to embark on a mission, to help women everywhere cope with the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home. Housework Blues – A Survival guide is her first book. She currently lives in North Yorkshire, with her wonderful (but messy) husband and two sons.

Danielle’s second book, Make Peace With Housework, compiles posts from her blog of the same name (which you can find here). It’s packed full of ideas, quick tips and strategies to help you deal with the physical and emotional strain of keeping a home and it’s an easily digestible, snappy, fun read!

What you won’t find is practical how to-style tips on getting sticky stains out of your cream carpet. But it does explore how to motivate yourself, how keep a cool head when all hell breaks loose around you and how to maintain healthy relationships around the home. We absolutely love the book – Danielle unites housework and happiness and manages to turn it into a mental pursuit. After reading it, you’ll definitely be well equipped to deal with the many challenges of running a busy home.

The book has only just been launched so Danielle is giving you the chance to be among the first to read this little gem! All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to answer the following question in the comments box below:

What is the name of Danielle Raine’s first book?

Update: the competition will close at 5pm on Friday 29th April, so get your entries in

Danielle will be guest posting on Home of the Houseproud later on in month, so watch this space!

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