Bank Holiday DIWhy?

08/05/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

It is often assumed that a Bank Holiday Weekend is the best time to dust off the paint brushes, climb the ladder and start with the dreaded DIY. Personally, we don’t feel that this is necessary, and a Bank Holiday is meant for the relaxation you deserve. 

What’s more, a simple colour change can make all the difference in your kitchen and save you valuable time, money and effort. We have a great range of coloured kettles and toasters that would help to complement any kitchen, and bring in a much needed splash of colour.

Colour Boutique:

Our Colour Boutique range is a perfect match to your kitchen, and comes in three different colour sets to suit any surface. Whether you think a vibrant flash of colour would work best or if you think some more subtle tones are for you, Morphy Richards have it covered.


The classic range consists of four timeless tones; black, polished, white and cream, to add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. 



The vibrant range includes four eye-catching new colours, cyan, yellow, orange and oasis to add a brighter note to any kitchen, with lively, fun shades that symbolise vitality.


The sparkle set features four attention grabbing translucent colours; red, plum, blue and copper to enhance your kitchen with optical radiance.


The Accents range from Morphy Richards injects style and new life into any kind of kitchen thanks to its beautifully designed kettles and toasters in a distinctive range of colours.

If you like the look of any of our coloured kettles and toasters, then they are all available to buy on our website. We are also on Facebook, so make sure to join the conversation and let us know which is your favourite!

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