Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? – Vorticity Review

21/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews

Over the last month or so, we’ve enjoyed a succession of glowing Vorticity reviews from members of the mummy blogging community. The latest in the long line of Vorticity converts is Laura Driver, who writes at the über popular blog, Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?. You can read exactly how she got on below (or click here to read her original post)

I have to admit when the Vorticity arrived I stood back and let The Husband construct it.  I’m used to upright vacuum cleaners and wasn’t sure where to start in putting the Vorticity together.

The Husband had no trouble at all, the instructions were clear.

Apparently …it differs from other vacuums on the market in that it uses air in a completely different way. It’s defining feature is the floorhead, which uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to draw in air and force it down, dislodging particles of dust, dirt and other undesirables from in between carpet fibres and floorboards. This means that even dirt that is stuck on gets sucked up.

It’s got a HEPA filter too, which means 97.7% of allergens are trapped.

I have enjoyed using the Vorticity.  Yes ENJOYED using a vacuum cleaner.  I know, bonkers.

I like the fact that, unlike our upright, we don’t need to adjust the setting when going from hard floors to carpet.  I like that the Vorticity follows you round like a dog, which confuses our dog.  I like that it has super suction. I also like the fact that when it’s not in use it sort of folds into itself and stands up instead of looking like a dead snake like other similar vacuums.  I love the fact that if you pull on the power cord it just whizzes back into the unit.

Every time I use it I find something new to like.  Yesterday I discovered that the handle extends for us tall folk.

The Vorticity gave the dog hair situation a run for it’s money. Our dog moults 365 days a year.  It didn’t fail but it wasn’t totally successful.  But, in the Vorticity’s defence, we’ve never found a vacuum which is totally successful in 8 years of our dog’s moulting.

We love the Vorticity.  Our old upright is sulking, somewhere, upstairs.

Find out more about the Vorticity here  … and there is also have a blog and social hub here …, where people can learn more about products, meet members of the Morphy team, share housework hints and tips, recipes etc.

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