An (almost) perfect housewife reviews Comfigrip

20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing

We tracked down a top mummy blogger and self confessed ‘Stepford Wife’ to test drive our latest Comfigrip iron. Take a look at her thoughts below and prepare to be rather envious of her housework skills!



Having four children, you can imagine the piles and piles of laundry that they create.. let alone the ironing.. But do you know what? I actually quite like ironing. There, I’ve said it! I iron for at least an hour a day to keep on top of it all and I usually do it in the living room in front of the tv, now that is what I call multitasking! I get to catch up with Desperate Housewives and the likes or even my guilty pleasure of *cough* Hollyoaks *cough* But best of all, I love perfectly ironed clothes, the gorgeous smell of clean laundry and piles and piles of perfectly folded clothes.. I am in domestic heaven. And there is no greater pleasure than an empty ironing basket. Now the next bit, the bit where I have to take it allllll upstairs and put it away, that bit I don’t like but I digress..

The lovely people over at Morphy Richards were so kind and sent me a gorgeous new Comfigrip iron to review and it was fab! The stainless steel soleplate has TriZone technology that promises ultimate gliding and it didn’t disappoint. There is a turbo boost for those hard to reach creases, constant steam for easy ironing and a pressing plate to remove excess moisture – I was in ironing heaven! It was anti-drip and anti-scale too which can only be truly appreciated if you have ever had an iron that isn’t. And I have. So I did! It has a super large water tank too which means less top ups if you are an ironing monster like me (which of course means missing less tv!) and an extra long cord. I have to say too that the Comfigrip really is comfy! Nota blister in sight (and yes, I have done so much ironing that I have had blisters before!) One of my very favourite features was its lovely big fat bottom. Now, usually for me it is all about losing the big fat bottom, but not when it comes to irons! It of course means that it is super sturdy when perched on the ironing board so much less likely to be accidentally knocked – such attention to detail and I loved it! Oh, and best of all? In a completely shallow and impossible girly way? It was pink! So it even coordinated with my lovely pink polkerdot ironing board which is a nice bonus

Now, Morphy Richards are holding a really fun competition at the moment. So, calling all ironing queens (and kings – I’m sure they do exist – just not in my house..) Can you iron a shirt in double-quick time, or flawlessly press a shirt fit for royalty? Or perhaps your ironing style and flair is something that everybody should see! Well, if you’ve got what it takes, you could be in with the chance of winning £500 and more importantly, a limited edition and fully operational Morphy Richards golden iron! Can you imagine that? A gold iron?! I was tempted not to tell any of you about it so I don’t scupper my chances but then I thought, hey, I could give anyone a run for their money (or golden iron) in an ironing competition! So if you think you have what it takes, there are more details right here.

Thanks so much (mostly) Yummy Mummy for the fab review and best of luck in The World Ironing Championships! Surely this ironing idol must be a contender for the golden iron. Click here to see her original post.

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